Low Cost Bathroom Updates

Low Cost Bathroom Remodel

Giving your bathroom an update doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a few things you can do to get the look you desire for less than you think.

1. Changing the light fixtures – Something as simple as changing the light fixtures in your bathrooms can have a dramatic impact in the design by giving the room a lighter clean feeling. It is cost effective and can be found at any big box home store at times for less than $100.

2. Changing the Hardware – Changing the hardware of the bathrooms has a similar impact as changing the light fixtures. It is simple to replace and will set the style of the room and freshen up the atmosphere.

3. Adding wall panels – This will be more of a style preference. It can create a country yet sophisticated feel to the room. Painting it white will provide a crisp contrast to any given shade.

4. Painting or changing the color scheme – Replacing the Shower curtain alone typically sets the tone for the entire room. It is the fastest way to spice up the bathroom and will dramatically impact the space.

5. Changing the sink – Adding a pedestal sink can really free up the space in a small bathroom. These sinks offer a classic look and are very easy to maintain.

6. Adding a backsplash – Adding a backsplash is perfect for personalizing your bathrooms. From tiles to stone or marble, these are certainly eye-catching details that add interest to the room.

7. Adding Wall décor – Wall art not only looks great but it also adds character to any room. You can choose it to complement the curtain and towels or, you can add it as contrast.


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  1. Mckayla
    Mckayla 22 April, 2014 at 1:53 am | | Reply

    This is great, I’ve been meaning to give my bathroom a facelift. I can’t afford a whole new renovation but I can sure use these tips. I also like the color scheme, it looks nice and clean. Thank you so much for your ideas and keep up the good work.

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